Toward a Technology for Awakening

©2021 Philippe Benichou

The alien dimension

Existential suffering and excess thinking

©2021 Philippe Benichou

We’re not in charge

Liberate your cognition

Trapped inside ego

©2021 Philippe Benichou

The only thing you miss is YOU

The self is not the ego

©2021 Beauty and the Beast by Philippe Benichou

Freud, Nietzsche and ego

The self is not a concept or a thought

Thought and awareness are not the same

We are free to watch

©2021 Philippe Benichou ~ Taurus Rising

Plato and Buddha

Life takes care of itself.

We are pure awareness

Nothing matters absolutely

©2021 Philippe Benichou

How to remain free

Cause and effect

The origins of life

©2021 Philippe Benichou

The magical realm of compassion



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Eric Stone

Eric Stone

Miles Davis said music is the space between the notes, then the music of your personal success is the space between your everyday behaviours, moods & attitudes.