The Power of Thoughts in Personal Development

Eric Stone
4 min readSep 2, 2023

What if your thoughts were just silent actors on a stage?

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Do your thoughts know they exist? Consider this: what if your thoughts were just silent actors on a stage? They would not be aware of themselves. What if you were the director? They would be like the paint on an artist’s palette — just colors void of a creative expression until you decide how to use them. In the labyrinth of our minds, a profound revelation emerges: thoughts, like whispers in the night, possess no innate consciousness. They exist as fragments, fleeting and formless aspects of reality.

In this intricate cognitive dance, one truth stands resolute — thoughts don’t know they are thoughts; their transformative potential into action is solely within our control. Are we not the guardians of our consciousness?

Venture further into this cerebral maze, and you encounter another stark reality: thoughts alone are innocuous specters, incapable of inflicting pain or performing healing. It is the hands that use them, the voices that utter them, that render them kindhearted or cruel. Thoughts don’t kill; people do. Thoughts don’t hurt; words do.

We literally buy into our thoughts or not:

This distinction is a cornerstone of our existence, one we must confront with unwavering clarity. Here’s another way to look at this: thoughts are like untested theories. They lack validity until you embrace them as your own. It’s at this moment that the seeds of ideology and manipulation can take root. On one side, there are beliefs and rights; on the other, the treacherous terrain of brainwashing and dictatorships. What thoughts will we embrace and give authority to?

Beyond this realization lies the other revelation that the mind, that enigmatic vessel of intellect, harbors no intrinsic will of its own, no motor to drive it into action. Unless you are confusing yourself with your mind, it remains an inert canvas, a void waiting to be filled. Only when thoughts become motorized by the potent forces of emotions, willpower, motivation, and desire do they ascend from the realms of contemplation to the heights of action, their point of no return.

But here’s where it gets even more real — until you understand how you truly feel, decisions lack life-affirming…



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