The Emergence of the Ego-Self

What creates a “thinker”?

Eric Stone
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It appears that our spirit is perpetually engrossed in thought. This process serves as a constant invitation to make sense of our surroundings, to contemplate the events in our lives, and to gauge our personal progress. We do this unconsciously, rarely questioning the stream of thoughts that flow through our minds, seemingly beyond our control.

Creative Spirit Space

If ‘I think’ equates to ‘I am,’ as Descartes ardently argued, then the ‘I’ in ‘I think’ must represent your spirit.

In truth, the spirit itself does not engage in thought. It can be likened to a space of consciousness that resonates with the happenings around it, but it does not engage in active thinking. Rather, it is the recipient or the watcher of thought. Mindfulness is precisely that. The spirit has the capacity to create an expansive mental space to capture and process what resonates within it.


Pressure is a phenomenon that pertains to the body, not the spirit. The moment the spirit identifies itself with the stream of thoughts and their associated frames of reference, it succumbs to the pressures that these thoughts bring. This is when we find ourselves in a mental abyss, akin to a writer who writes about a writer who is himself, a mesmerizing and imprisoning cycle.

© 2023 Philippe Benichou

Occult Forces

Occult means hidden. It inherited a bad reputation because, let’s face it, we don’t typically like what is hidden–it scares us. While occult forces may captivate the fascination of some, they are not necessary for our understanding at this point.

What is important here is that thoughts seize the spirit’s attention, they seldom release it. Whatever you focus on, owns you. It may seem that understanding, sense-making, and giving meaning to our thoughts are noble pursuits, but in reality, they can become traps, keeping us confined within our mental prisons.

Ego Creation

The ego is formed through constant acts of thinking and self-reflection, through the identification with thought forms and their interpretations. It’s essentially a product of mirrored identifications. Without these identifications, there is no ego. In the spaces between our thoughts, we can glimpse the existence of the spirit.

If I Let Go, I Will Have the Answers to My Questions

Take a moment to contemplate the space your spirit traverses. This is the space that observes occult forces. Our need to comprehend often ensnares us, but awakening is not about becoming something; it’s about seeing in the present moment.


The ego is preoccupied with its reputation and vanity. Our reflexive consciousness becomes inundated with persistent thoughts, maintaining a continuous stream of reflections from mirror to mirror. We are not these thoughts, but the ego continues to cling to their existence.

Pure Awareness

Pure awareness merely observes; there is no attachment to perceptions. Stimuli, whether thoughts or perspectives, become neutral. However, when the spirit seeks understanding and demands explanations, it gives rise to various projections, leading to confusion, distraction, and ultimately, mental fog.

Echo Chambers

Intuition disrupts the ego’s hold. Thoughts become echoes, exhausting us when they draw us away from pure attention. The ego sees itself as a distinct entity, perpetually seeking separation and identification. It thrives on comparison, measurement, and judgment. It thrives on self-dramatization, becoming the director of the grand show of our lives.

Something to contemplate

The ego-self is inherently narcissistic, craving validation of its existence. The more idealized its self-image, the more convinced it is of its separate, autonomous existence.

In contrast, observe a baby — it does not offer you a reflection because it lacks one. A baby embodies pure consciousness, untouched by the reflexive mechanics that emerge after a few years on Earth, as the ego-me creations begin to replace our true essence.



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