Suffering is relative NOT absolute!

Eric Stone
14 min readNov 26, 2017
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Over the course of my life and, more specifically while working extensively with people as a coach and director for several decades, I have come to witness a great deal of emotional and psychological suffering.

Working with individuals is quite an extraordinary journey. I had to realise very early in my career that unless I focused on the total human being, whatever skills I was attempting to teach would not be assimilated well.

Put more simply, people struggle with themselves more than they struggle with their talent or learning process. What is all this emotional suffering all about? It became a real passion to help people, by shedding some light on the subject of suffering.

I started out as a professional actor in New-York City. After moving to Los Angeles, I founded the Hollywood Actors Studio in Los Angeles in 1989.

Teaching and directing actors and performers were the first steps in beginning a long second career as a public speaking skills trainer. As my passion for artistic expression grew, coupled with the realisation that all public speakers have to deal with performance issues, I was inspired to create Speakers & Artists International, Inc., dedicated to public speaking and business communication via performance skills.

Coaching is all about empowerment and self-discovery; helping and encouraging individuals to get in touch with their talent and potential and seeing to it that it gets expressed fully.

Speaking as a professional talent developer, individuals, in their process of living and learning, carry so many wounds and unfinished business internally. It brings so much tension and distortion to the life of a person. Oh, I know everyone is a genuine expert at covering it up and boy are we good at that! If we could actually win awards and make money covering up how we truly feel, it would end material struggle for good.

Fortunately, when truth matters as on a stage, as an artist or in a relationship we really care about, it becomes essential to discover what is holding us back. It’s usually ourselves!

What an irony that with all these amazing minds out there in so many fields that all we have succeeded in doing is camouflaging our species’ existential mass suffering instead…



Eric Stone

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