Liberate Your Mind & Consciousness

Eric Stone
5 min readSep 2, 2023

A Deep Emotional Landing.

In the realm of the extraordinary, imagine a world where your body transforms into a movie screen on which the drama of your existence unfolds. Your eyes, your ears, your very senses become the filters through which you observe all the details of your life in absolute privacy.

In this transcendent realm, you stand as the solitary spectator, piercing through the mesmerizing lens of your body’s senses. Every scenario, every moment is a masterpiece painted with intricate details, where people enter and exit like actors on a stage. Yet, you remain untouched, unattached, like a captivated observer amidst the unfolding events of your life. The identification and concerns about the direction or contents of your life have ceased to exist.

As you embark on this remarkable odyssey, a journey of profound significance opens up. It is an adventure beyond the confines of your mind that plunges into the boundless depths of your brain’s intelligence. You, as the VIP of your very existence, are watching a colossal leap in the evolution of human consciousness.

In this world, the mind’s incessant chatter yields to the profound wisdom of the brain, a vast intelligence, and yet untapped. You have entered a world where the art of observation becomes the key to unlocking the mysteries of your life on earth. As the unattached watcher, you hold the reins to the unfolding of your own destiny. Welcome to a reality where your story becomes the most captivating story ever told.

Strange Revelation

But what if this weren’t just a hypothetical concept? What if it were a reality? This idea has often been used as a metaphor — life’s a stage, and we’re merely characters, as Shakespeare wisely wrote. But consider this: your body becomes the character, playing out its daily life, while you, a secondary consciousness, simply observe through the eyes of the real player. Suddenly, you detach from the anxieties of running the show. Liberated, you become your life’s greatest fan, allowing your body to become the great actor it was meant to be.

The Power of Body Consciousness

Imagine that true awareness arises from allowing the body to navigate the world. The body possesses a unique bio-form and genetic…



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