How well do you know the Source of your Success?

Eric Stone
4 min readOct 2, 2023

What is most important to you? Money and Wealth? Work and Career? Success & Accomplishments? Recognition & Admiration? Achievement & Fame? Competitiveness & Winning? Love and Sex?

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Or are you a person who favors: Relationships? Competence? Leadership? Compassion? Contribution? Spirituality? Peace? Morals? Principles? Politics? Health?

Understanding Context, Archetypes, and Alignment

A human being relies on several meaningful foundations from which to grow, thrive and evolve. They are primordial backbones to his journey on earth. They can also lead to transformational experiences and out of the ordinary breakthroughs. Essential to his wellbeing and development, they represent what “energizes” his path to fulfillment.

We must first explore the concept of context and archetypes in the human experience.

In a nutshell, we travel through contexts and archetypes. They are ruled by a system of hierarchies which act as background frequencies maintaining all in place. It is context that gives birth to archetypes, which are a direct function of upbringing and early conditioning.

Explanation: context is usually understood as « the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood. Or it has to do with the context of a sentence in a book. To give it context, etc.

Context possesses a different mythology, unknown to many. Context, from this new viewpoint is not a circumstance, abstract or otherwise. Context gives birth to content. The “baby” (your projects, results, commitments to them) is the product of birthing, as a CONTEXT. Like water is to the fish or air to the bird, the context of man is himself as a context. It is water that makes « fish » possible. Often, we confuse the two. Context and content. Fish is content. Same with birds and air. As a clear example, the results we produce in life are CONTENT. For a religious person, GOD is CONTEXT. Humans, prayers, etc., then, are the CONTENT…it is another example.

Common contexts for human beings are: not being good enough, which gives birth to “the victim”. Others are: something is wrong with me or them (the complainer), feeling…



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