How to distinguish an idiot from a fool from a sage during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Eric Stone
3 min readDec 2, 2017


How about some personal insights into the state of the world and a little humour during these unprecedented times?

To my knowledge, there are only three types of individuals on this planet. There are idiots, fools and sages. Depending on your upbringing, who you are with, married to or work for, there might be some variations as to which category you belong to.

But first, how can you recognise these types instantaneously? Simply put, the difference between an idiot, a fool and a sage is that an idiot rarely laughs and is very serious, a fool laughs but has no idea why, while the sage laughs a great deal but he or she is very discreet and often makes sure that nobody notices. Laughter makes a sage more conscious and awake.

Human beings typically become “who they are with”. It is also important to know that idiocy and foolishness are extremely contagious. Even when you recover from the disease, you can relapse later and be contagious again.

In this climate when everyone seems to take everything so personally and so seriously, only the sage knows how to watch the absurd saga of our human comedy and refrain from adding more gasoline to the blazing fires of stupidity and righteousness.

Unfortunately, the sage is not contagious. We don’t quite understand why yet as they seem to carry some kind of immunity. It is however possible that if a fool hangs around a sage for a long enough period of time, the fool might develop some mild symptoms of awakening and in some cases begin to understand why he or she laughs so much. Furthermore and at all costs, a sage avoids idiots as a matter of principle, integrity and intelligence.

Further studies demonstrate that the idiot is possessed by Seriosis, an acute disorder of function in a human, especially one that produces specific symptoms of rigidity, seriousness and a total absence of perspective.

However, a new type or breed is emerging with great momentum: the “profound idiot”. As in poker, a person who is categorised as a “profound idiot” has a “tell” and it is very useful to know it: they actually believe they are awake and incessantly brag about how “conscious” and “responsible” we all should be. Pointing the finger and blaming are the profound idiot’s main weapons.

There are so many idiots today and they seem to multiply and breed spontaneously, especially during these times. I’m not an expert on idiocy but I don’t imagine for a moment that sex has anything to do with this exponential increase.

In addition, the profound idiot is full of certitudes and very protective of them. Rigid dogmas and absolutes, especially in affairs of morals, politics and religion are the pillars that give them stature, confidence and character. It is remarkable, they seem to know everything and question nothing truthfully.

Hence, why you can never fail to spot a profound idiot within seconds, though you might be shy at first to laugh if not out loud at least to yourself. This would also prove you’re not one of them.

Regardless of how extremely organised and numerous they are becoming, profound idiots don’t quite make a fourth category or fourth type. I trust they are still evolving through the idiot principle and carry the original idiot’s gene. To my knowledge, there has not been a mutation as of yet but I sense it is coming very soon.

When the mutation hits, it will be a new gene; I am afraid we will all be forced to legitimise idiocy because they will start making more and more idiotic demands and display more and more completely idiotic behaviours.

It is not the idiot principle that makes a profound idiot dangerous, it is the insistence on their rigid dogmas and deep sense of responsibility for the most ridiculous things. Through this incredible idiot pandemic, the doors are closing faster and faster for any chance at courteous debate or intelligent dialogue of any kind. Idiots and profound idiots lie, that’s what they do best.

As intolerance sets in, freedom is forced to relocate. By then, we will have institutionalised intolerance as a necessity and idiocy as a virtue.

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