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  • Daniel Burns

    Daniel Burns

    I'm all about good vibrations and raising the collective vibes. Lets help each other grow, flourish, and realize our dreams!

  • Rishi Shärma

    Rishi Shärma

    Co-Founder of ​@Q-See​ ,@techdots, @thelakerbox. Previously started @theambitious. Passionate about building Great Products that impact society at scale.

  • Speaker Sponsor

    Speaker Sponsor

    Where sponsors pay YOU to speak! Specializing in small business sponsorship for speakers.

  • Ian Murray

    Ian Murray

    Helping business owners find their voice and grow their business by using it effectively. #publicspeaking #masterminds #growyourbiz. http://getmy.bio/DynamicSpeaking

  • Richard Hansen

    Richard Hansen

    Richard Hansen is a professional MC and speaker. Owner of Impact Presentations, bringing messages to life with visual technology.

  • Alice Cunningham

    Alice Cunningham

    Creative. Copywriter. Blooming blogger. Breathwork enthusiast. Ghostwriter. Bohemian soul. Creative collaboration inquiries: Alicej@charter.net

  • Eduardo Moura

    Eduardo Moura

    Think for yourself

  • Jack Shepherd

    Jack Shepherd

    Formerly editorial director @BuzzFeed. Currently editor @Tenderly and writer at large. Email: JackAShepherd at gmail

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