Everyone is acting. How well do you Know your Character?

Eric Stone
3 min readDec 9, 2022


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At the speed at which we live today, it has become almost impossible to remember that we are all actors. For centuries, we have been inventing roles to give meaning to our lives. There are great actors, many bad ones, and most mortals are barely passable, with a few rare moments of genius, if they’re lucky.

Knowing and playing our primary character with confidence is the starting point for a solid and lasting sense of self. To my knowledge, there is no other strategy and everyone is differentiated by their own. It is the essential role of a parent to guide a child through this vital learning and assimilation. Since most humans reject this procedure, it is only natural that we have so many bad actors and, as a result, so much pain. No one is to blame, only ignorance could be brought to justice — but what’s the point?

By practicing this almost occult knowledge early enough, a new consciousness or a potential awakening could assert itself. Knowing that we are acting all the time, is more than enough to be comfortable and at ease in our own skin. Children have an immense appetite for playing. They instinctively know how to sharpen their characters from an early age. Later, they are forbidden their creative theatrics, because it is deemed necessary to move on to more serious things. From that point on, the school of bad actors begins to the dreadful cadence of conformity, but without any charm or elegance, let alone eloquence and originality. All mediocrity has its roots in the suppression and banning of exploration.

Self-knowledge is in fact a development of the great characters that suit us perfectly and those that we must avoid at all costs. It is also important to note that no role is serious in absolute terms. They are played with fervor and dedication, but the actor (you) can never lose sight of the unmistakable truth that it is just a game.

As the drama of our daily situations arises, it is crucial to remain calm and focused on the integrity of our roles. The actor observes his character and derives immense joy from it. The art of observing the circumstances of our lives is becoming a lost art. From Balzac to Bergson, the entire history of humor is shaped by these subtle observations.

Everything is illusory and impermanence reigns over our lives. The stars as well will disappear. It inevitably leads me to say that there resides a quality of non-existence within this gigantic universe. This is absolutely terrifying to most human beings.

By choosing our roles with audacity, certainty and competence, we can circumvent and navigate the unknown. Only the commitment, appetite and intelligence to play can equally mobilize the forces necessary to overcome fear, instability and boredom. Life becomes a quest for adventure and discovery. Despair and many forms of existential angst have their source in losing sight that life was only meant to be a game.

Note: all my writings should be read with a critical eye and perspective. A dose of humor will not hurt either. They are essays in intuitive awareness and emotional creativity, offered as musings. Sometimes, my aim is to provoke the spirit, in order to inspire new ways of seeing.

Science uses intuition to establish new paths of inquiry and to advance possible theories. I favor a metaphysical exploration through my own intuition rather than fit-all reasoning.

I see myself as a traveling mystic, filtering universal consciousness in the now. I feel that I am the witness of a great cosmic joke playing with my being on this earth.

In more poetic terms, I say that inside the tremendous beauty and great mystery of existence, I want to be the invisible hand that helps people’s spirit relax.

My Spirit have Ways of Seeing that my Mind can never Comprehend.



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