Essential Public Speaking Manners ~ Part 1

Eric Stone
7 min readDec 22, 2021

These are simple, yet important rules to help you speak and perform with great confidence. They apply to all situations.

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“To communicate effectively, one needs to be well versed in and thoroughly aware of what physical and emotional components best express the intended message.”

There are certain specific stage manners to practice and stay aware of on a public speaking platform, within professional situations or when taping for media appearances. These stage manners are the backbone of any person’s effectiveness.

They are simple rules to help you perform with confidence, trust and superior credibility. They apply to all public situations where performance and results, are key.

There are always two distinct roles at play!

The audience has a passive role and the speaker has an active one. The opposite of active is dormant or inert, as in lazy. This is an essential dynamic to realize. Audience and speaker communicate very well with each other to the degree that they both understand and respect this primary dynamic. They are not to be confused or interchanged. Only the speaker is active, in charge, on top, dominant, etc. Show an audience that you are okay being in charge, and they automatically begin relaxing in your presence. Do the reverse…



Eric Stone

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