Are You Tired of Therapy not Making a Dent in Your Self-Confidence?

Energize Your life and True Creative Potential with this Simple Tool.

Eric Stone


In my long career as an acting and performance coach, I have encountered a large number of people who complained to me about not getting the value and results they paid for while in therapy.

Many sat on a therapist’s couch for up to 10 years and participated in groups aiming at healing their trauma. One of them shared that the boldest thing they ever did was to leave their shrink. I asked her permission to talk and include her experience. Here’s what she said:

“It did wonders for my self-confidence. I have come to realize for myself that traditional therapy is extremely limited; mainly due to the fact I was trying to process my emotions through my mind. I realized that self-confidence comes from being in touch with one’s emotions where they live — inside the body, not in the mind. Taking acting classes with a professional coach reconnected me to myself in ways that I could have never imagined”.

The Truth About Energized Living

Most people do not know this but there are 4 energy motors in the body:

(1) The Life Force, our Generative and Creative Energy, commonly called “gut feelings” or instincts.

(2) Our Will Power, Courage, Willfulness, commonly given the name “Ego”.

(3) Our Emotional Life, our feelings, and emotions.

(4) The Fuel For Life. Our capacity to be motivated and energized to get things done.

These 4 hubs of energy and life force are very powerful, When set in motion, they can generate much boldness, aliveness and satisfaction. These motors are ignored for the benefit of our minds. We give a lot of attention and power to our thoughts. The problem with the mind is that it is not a motor. If it was, we would accomplish miracles by just thinking about whatever we want to manifest. Thinking to win the lottery does not make you win. Imagining you are taller than you are does not add inches to your height, etc. Here’s more from my student:

I started in therapy believing that somehow I could understand in my mind…



Eric Stone

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